Who Are You Following?

Today we are following many people, but in John chapter 1 we learn that Jesus is the one we should follow.

Who Are You Following?2018-11-04T16:58:51-04:00

How Should I Give?

A message about stewardship, explaining the main attitudes that we should have when we give.

How Should I Give?2018-10-21T20:21:41-04:00

What’s the Catch?

A message based on Luke 5: 1-11 about how to become fisher of people for the Kingdom of God.

What’s the Catch?2018-09-30T17:59:13-04:00

Peace with God

A message about a well-known tool to share the Gospel.

Peace with God2018-09-23T19:53:01-04:00

Now It Is Up to Us

A message about the importance of to show a new life and share the new message.

Now It Is Up to Us2018-09-16T18:28:49-04:00

Everybody Ought to Know

A message based on the Great Commission given by Jesus in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

Everybody Ought to Know2018-09-09T17:15:16-04:00

Got Saved?

Some people got it and some don't. This message shows the reasons why some are not saved, how to be saved, and what we can do in the process.

Got Saved?2018-09-02T18:11:09-04:00