The Source of Our Faith

The second sermon in our series: Heaven Is a Beautiful Place. This sermon exams the sources for our faith.

The Disciples Bear Much Fruit

What are the fruits expected from a disciple of Jesus? How should they bear fruit? This is the last message about the attitudes that Jesus requires from His disciples - Bear much fruit.

The Disciples Follow Jesus

To follow Jesus is one of the six attitudes that Jesus required from His disciples. We as disciples should not only think in the way He thinks, do what He does, but principally go where He goes.

The Right Attitude of Giving

Sometimes people do not know why to give or how to give. In this message based on the letter from Paul to the Philippians, we learn the right attitude that we should have when we give.

The Disciples Take Up Their Crosses Daily

The second message of a series about disciples. In this one we talk about the second attitude required by Jesus from anyone who wants be His disciples: Take Up Your Cross Daily.