Malachi – Getting Back To Business As Usual

How people react when they are taking the wrong path again and again, no matter how many times they are warned by God not to do it? In this sermon, based on Malachi, we identify those groups and learn from them.

Zephaniah – The Danger of Religious Boasting

A message based on the book of Zephaniah, when he prophesied against the people and leaders of Judah and Jerusalem, who were boasting and living the way they wanted. They considered themselves better that anybody else.

Jeremiah – When God Asks Us to Be Unpopular

A message based on the life and ministry of Jeremiah. God called him to deliver a very unpopular message. Like Jeremiah, sometimes God calls us to deliver a message that is not popular. This brings many challenges for us.

Micah – Hope During Gloomy Times

A message based on Micah. Micah lived and prophesied during a very gloomy time, but he was able to find hope during those dark times.